My Global Vision

I believe everyone can choose and aid in manifesting a better way of life for themselves, their family and their community.

Through encouragement and education every “mom” can understand the principles of good health, prenatal care, thus becoming a co-creator in the evolution of the best possible birth experience for herself and her baby.

As a woman’s advocate, mother of five, midwife, labor support specialist, childbirth educator, hypnotherapist, and women’s counselor, my philosophy of life (and midwifery) is based on the belief that one must become involved to evolve, be that physical health, mental health, or spiritual growth.

Global change starts with one voice, in one community, in any country with education, motivation and facilitation. Each of us can be an impact for change!

As a professional midwife of 33 years, 12 of those as a global travelling midwife, I became aware of the need and desire for more knowledgeable and well trained teachers and birthing leaders who wish to serve and affect change in their own communities. Together we can decrease maternal and infant deaths and improve birth experiences all over the world!

I started sharing birthing information, with small groups of women, thirsty for more knowledge, as I awaited birth in many countries. Now the need and demand, in today’s world of internet awareness, is increasing by leaps and bounds. As a travelling midwife, often being several weeks in a families home, I can share my knowledge with one woman, but as a travelling teacher, I can impact thousands of women, through developing, and encouraging expectant mothers, childbirth educators, doulas and midwives with increased birthing options and choices.

I get asked more and more often to teach around the globe. I’ve been listening to the call and now I’m ready to move into this new exciting leadership role to educate, inspire, empower, and assist in facilitating awesome birth experiences for women all over the world!

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