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The Midwife Without Borders
Gail Winters Johnson, Ret. CPM

As a retired midwife who has spent many years helping people have a normal, natural birthing experience in familiar surroundings, I now want to evolve my practice into something which provides me the benefits of retirement, yet retains the joy of sharing the miracle of birth with those who have done research and learned that, for most pregnant women, there is a better, kinder and gentler way of giving birth.

“Global change starts with one voice, in one community, in any country, with education, motivation and facilitation. Each of us can be an impact for change!”

-Gail Winters Johnson

“I wish to provide more individualized and personalized attention and midwifery services to a few elite clients – those looking for the ultimate natural birthing experience, something even more special. I like to travel, meet interesting people, and make new friends. Over the years, many of my midwifery clients have become like friends and family. I’d love to extend my “midwifery family” to other states and other countries. Hence, I am a retired, travelling midwife.”

– Gail Winters Johnson

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