“Birth is a process that I trust, and I work hard to help women trust it.”

This is my story and I hope you’ll join me. The life of a traveling midwife. It’s amazing. As midwives, we facilitate, we educate, we motivate, we shepherd new humans into the world. 

Birth is a process that I trust and I work hard to help women trust it too so they can have confidence as they deliver their babies. I love it. I love the women. I love the spontaneity and uncertainty. I’ve adored the babies. Birth is my spiritual orgasm. I’m addicted to bringing forth new life and I love it all. 

Midwives lead a committed life. We love our calling. And most of us have committed our lives, hours, days, minutes to serve birthing families. I remember wanting to stop serving several times. Yet, as thoughts of retirement came, I wanted more adventures. I thought I could do some traveling further afield and find a way to serve. I expected maybe I would get one birth a year. I had no idea how wrong I was about that. 

Whether I traveled two days or two hours to help them, the women who hired me to facilitate their births were universally courageous. As a traveling midwife, you don’t get to just see the world, you get to participate in changing it.